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Analytics as Part of a Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management System

July 16, 2011

By Adam Galland, Innovative Matrix

In customer relationship management (CRM), communication is integral to attracting and retaining customers. Nearly every business utilizes some form of CRM, and many have begun automating the process in order to improve efficiency. One of the key aspects to effective CRM is analytics. Accurate statistics and analysis can help companies communicate more clearly with their potential and existing customers, providing information about how to target your message to provide individuals with the information they want to receive in a timely manner.

One company that does this remarkably well is Amazon.com. When customers visit the megastore website, they are greeted by personalized recommendations based on browsing and purchasing history, item ratings, behaviors of other customers who make similar purchases or browse the same items, and many other factors. Personalized offers and suggestions serve to build a stronger relationship with customers when they see items that likely interest them whenever they visit the site. Amazon.com also uses analysis of customer information to provide focused e-mail advertising. Because the e-mails are so closely targeted to customer preferences, they are far less likely to generate an opt-out request.

Effective CRM solutions provide easy to understand customer analysis, allowing businesses to turn data about customer behaviors into actionable initiatives. When companies have a better knowledge and understanding of their clients, their businesses have the ability to offer the services and support their customers need.

About the author: Adam Galland is the co-creator of Innovative Matrix, a CRM firm that allows businesses to work effectively and efficiently with their clients. Adam Galland established Innovative Matrix with his brother in 2004.

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