About Adam Galland

Customer relationship management professional Adam Galland owns and operates the firm Innovative Matrix, based in San Clemente, California. Serving clients in the region and throughout country for the past six years, Innovative Matrix and Adam Galland offer a personalized, online customer relationship management (CRM) system for any business of any size. Currently serving more than 100 clients, Innovative Matrix and Adam Galland developed a CRM solution based on three tenets: reliability, versatility, and responsibility. Building the CRM system from scratch, Innovative Matrix’s team offers a solution that saves clients from worrying about system breakdowns, allowing professionals to perform necessary functions without having to think about the flow of other CRMs. As Adam Galland believes, customer relationship management is not just a method of processing data, but a strategy and system that tracks how a company’s team works with clients, both established and potential.

To implement this strategy, companies leverage software-based solutions like that of Adam Galland to automate, organize, and synchronize various business processes. Enterprises frequently streamline sales activity with CRM, but some organizations utilize such systems for technical support and customer service, as well as marketing. As Adam Galland agrees, the goal of CRM is to improve the efficiency and quality of sales, establish and enhance relationships with customers as a reliable source of revenue, and reduce overhead on most processes. Adam Galland and Innovative Matrix provide an online CRM solution that focuses on sales activity, though the flexible system may be used for other business processes as well. The CRM system by Innovative Matrix and Adam Galland includes customer details, statistics, and billing on easily accessible and interwoven tabs that allow clients to simply track accounts and transactions with customers. Adam Galland and Innovative Matrix can also host and design websites for clients, especially sales pages, and offer 24/7 support of the firm’s Web services. For more information on Adam Galland’s Innovative Matrix or to receive a quote on services, visit www.inno-matrix.com.

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